Asset management

Asset Management is defined as “maximising the value of the business to its full potential” this can involve analysing operational costs, marketing spend, customer service, customer spend and future growth options to name but a few. Hugh has 35 years in the retail world working with a huge cross section of businesses throughout that period.

Most notably Hugh managed all these disciplines during his time as Centre Manager in both Junction One (60 retailers and restaurants) and Victoria Square (100 retailers and restaurants). He had a close working relationship with all tenants and head offices advising on most aspects of their business and helping manage their store operations and sales performance, this was especially important in Junction One as all tenants where on a turnover rental so higher sales benefited the retailer and the landlord.

Another aspect of Hugh’s role was to work closely with landlords and managing agents to maximise rental levels and tenant mix and achieve higher sales levels.   The introduction of a tenant sales tracker for Victoria Square to monitor sales performance against footfall year on year was an invaluable tool for the Landlord and Commercial Agent as well the stores and restaurants, it allowed the landlord to monitor sales and trends and the stores to monitor performance against other tenants.

In Hugh’s role as Commercial Director for Age NI he rebranded the full retail portfolio and provided a full business plan to the trustees for the future growth concept of the business. He also set up two new business enterprises for the charity and rebranded the Insurance sales operation, all of which are proving successful and have boosted charitable funds so the charity can help support those in later life.

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